Our STory

Have you ever had a hobby that just sort of got away from you? Well, that's what happened to us - we started roasting coffee.  Starting with one pound at a time on our back porch we honed our craft and found our passion. Now, we get up early every morning and fire up the roaster and espresso machine because we love sharing that passion with you. Nothing makes us happier than handing over a cup of hot (or ice cold) coffee that we sourced, roasted, tasted, ground up, and prepared just for you. And when you can't make it out to our shop to see us, we'll settle for knowing that you are enjoying a bag of our delicious, fair trade, and organic beans in the comfort of your own home.


We are family owned and operated...even though none of us are related.


Matt Peirson - Owner/Roaster/web designer...yeah yeah we get it.

Matt was born and raised in Syracuse. After working in an office for several years, he is grateful to now be doing what he loves with the people he loves every day. He can be found most often at the drive-thru in Auburn, getting picked on by his employees for being the "Shop dad". 

In the rare moments when he's not doing all things coffee, Matt spends time with his wife and dog, mostly on the couch relaxing.  

Jess Wellington - shop manager

Jess was born and raised in Auburn, NY. She's had a lot of jobs doing many different things over the years but being a barista has been her favorite because of all the awesome people she meets. And of course all of the free coffee. When she isn't working she can be found drinking wine at home on her couch with her dogs, working on our social media posts, hiking, or crafting.


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Joelle St. Pierre - shop manager

Joelle comes from the middle of nowhere, aka Palmyra, but now lives in Auburn with her daughter. Prior to living the barista life at Simple Roast she worked as a baker and hopes to do so again for the shop. When she isn't making or drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee, she is baking cookies at home and spending time with her family and slew of pets. 


Contact us:


360 Grant Ave

Auburn, NY 13021




Sun: 8am - 5pm

mon - Sat: 6am - 6pm